Dolls Books Misc. Ebay Auctions

You must contact me by email for any item you are interested in. There is no shopping cart on the site for online credit card ordering. There is an online form for each item which notifies me automatically which item you are interested in. Filling out the form is not an agreement to buy the item. It just notifies me that you are interested and sends me the questions you might have. I will email you back and we can arrange payment at that time.


I am sure you dislike returns as much as I do and I try to be as exact as possible to let you know the condition of any item...However, if I error, I have no hesitation in accepting a return. If I have made the mistake, I will refund the total including postage. If it is your error and you just changed your mind, I will gladly refund your money and you will pay the postage both ways....I do expect that you make your decision within 24 hours of receiving the item I have sent to you and have it back in the mail within that same time frame. I would like an immedidate response and will be very in tune with Holidays, weekends, and special circumstances....I do expect that item here within 1 week of the time you shipped it back to me and in the same condition as it was in when I shipped it